Technical Data Sheet

Our Resin Products

Fisco Alkyd Resin(F-4000)

Principal Properties:
Type of Oil: Soybean.
Type of polyol: Pentaerythritol
Oil length: 45% +- 2%
Acid value: 6 to 10
Viscosity: 150-200 Sec at 30┬░ C IN Ford Cup B4 (50% MTT)
Solubility: MTT, XYLENE, N-Butyle Acetate, Methyl Ethyl Keton, N-Butabol(Patially) etc.
Drying time: 2.30 - 3.00 hours.under standard weather condition.
Characteristics: Good & fast drying and very good through
Hardening. Excellent surface Hardness, Gloss and Gloss retention.
Application: Decorative enamels for exterior and interior use, Undercoats and primers, Industrial paint, Household enamels.
Delivery Form: 100% Solid