Technical Data Sheet

Our Resin Products

Fisco Alkyd Resin(F-6100)

Principal Properties:
Type of Oil: Soybean.
Type of polyol: Pentaerythritol
Oil length: 60% ±1%
Resin Solid content (NVM %): 60% ± 1%
Acid value: 6 to 9
Viscosity: 100-140 sec at 30°c with Ford Cup B4 in 50% MTT.
Solubility: M.T.T, Xylene, N- Butyle Acetate Etc.
Drying time: SD - 1 h 40 min
TF - 4 h 10 min
Color: 5-7(Max)
Characteristics: Good & fast drying and very good through hardening, highgloss and gloss retention.
Application: Decorative enamels for exterior and interior use,
Undercoats and primers, Industrial paints,
Household enamels.
Delivery Form: 100% Solid
Packing: 200 kg recondition steel drum.